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        首 页电源产品PoE分离器12V 2A 24W PoE分离器
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        12V 2A 24W PoE分离器



        1.Product characteristics

        • Compliance with IEEE802.3at standard.
        • 42V~57V wide operating voltage range.
        • Maximum output power up to 25W; Rated output: 12V/2A.
        • The output ripple is less than 150 mV.
        • Conversion efficiency can be as high as 87% (input: 48V output)12V@2A).
        • Withovercurrent, short circuit, under voltage, surge andother excellent reliability and circuit protection.
        • PCBA standard size: 84mm*28mm*15mm
        • Input/Output: isolate 1500Vdc.
        • High reliability: The design meets the 5 million hour average failure interval.

        2.Scope of application

        • Video and VoIP Phone
        • RFID Reader
        • Multiband Access Point
        • Surveillance camera 

        The module is designed to extract power from conventional Class 5 Ethernet cable twisted pairs and meets the IEEE 802.3at Power-Ethernet (PoE) standard.At the same time, the module allows the power supply category to select "Intermediate Overlap" and "End Overlap" power supply without distinguishing polarity.

        Based on the IEEE 802.3at standard, this paper establishes information connection about the connection status, device type, power consumption level of the receiving device PD, and then applies 25.5W power supply to port compatible devices based on PSE to power the PD through ethernet.

        This module DC/DC converter works in a wide input voltage range and low ripple low noise output.The DC/DC converter also has built-in output overload, output short circuit and overtemperature protection, and provides a 1500Vdc (input/output) electrical isolation.

        4. Mechanical dimensions

        Product Name PoE isolation separator
        Supporting standards IEEE802.3af,IEEE802.3at
        Port LAN port:one 10 / 100M adaptive RJ45 port
        PoE port:one 10 / 100M adaptive RJ45 port
        Basic function Compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at standard
        The maximum transmission distance is 100M, plug and play without management
        LED Indicator Output voltage indicator
        Input voltage DC 42V~57V
        Output power DC Port:12V/2A
        Use environment Working temperature:- 10℃-50℃
        Working humidity:10% - 90% non condensing
        Storage temperature:- 40℃-70℃
        Storage humidity:5% - 90% non condensing
        PoE type End bridging method / middle bridging method
        PoE port characteristics Output power 15.4W / IEEE802.3af / at25.5W
        PoE wire core Also supports 1/2+, 3/6-pair (4/5+, 7/8-pair)
        size 100mm*40mm*32mm(No terminal line added)

        5. Electrical characteristics

        5.1 Absolute maximum rating parameter

        No Parameter Symbol MIN MAX Units
        1 DC Voltage VCC 42 57 V
        2 DC Voltage Surge 1ms VSURGE -0.6 80 V
        3 Working temperature TS -40 80

        *Exceeding the above rating may cause permanent damage to the product.Functional operations under these conditions are not recommended.

        5.2 Recommended working conditions

        No Parameter Symbol MIN TYP MAX Units
        1 Input voltage VIN 42 48 57 V
        2 Low Voltage Lock VLOCK  37 V
        3 Working temperature TOP -40 25 80

        *Applicable only to PS30-5712T maximum operating temperature.

        5.3 DC Characteristic

        No Parameter Symbol MIN TYP MAX Units Test
        1 Standard Output Voltage VDC 11.5 12.0 12.2 V VIN=48V
        2 Output Current(VIN=48V) PWR 2 2.5 A Wide voltage
        input 42-57V
        3 Power adjustment rate VLINE 0.1 % @50% Load
        4 Load Adjustment Rate VLOAD 1 % @VIN=48V
        5 Ripple Output Noise VRN 150 200   @Maximum
        6 Minimum Load RLOAD 10    
        7 Short circuit duration TSC sec  
        8 Efficiency (load 80%) EFF 82 87 %  
        9 Isolation Voltage (I/O) VISO 1500 VPK  
        10 Temperature coefficient Tc 0.02 % Per ℃
        11 Efficiency Tr 150 250 ms VIN=48V

        1: Typical number is 25 C, nominal voltage is 48V, for auxiliary design only.

        2: Output ripple and noise can be reduced by an external filter, see the application instructions.

        3: If operated under the specified minimum load, the module emits audible noise and may cause PSE malfunction.

        6 Functional Description

        6.1 input

        PS30-5712T input end with bridge stack ensures input polarity protection, user can choose the connection mode as needed.

        6.2 PD Signature

        When the module is connected to the cable, it will automatically provide the Power Device (PD) signature to the PSE when needed.The PSE recognizes that the PD is connected to that line and provides power

        6.3 Power Classification

        PS30-5712T uses IEEE802.3at standard and runs with Class 4 (25.5W) power rating by default.

        Define criteria Cable requirements Grading parameters Power Supply Characteristics
        (PoE Plus)
        CAT5 cable or
        CAT6 cable
        Maximum power required for
        Class4 devices is 13W~25.5W
        The DC voltage ranges from 42 to 57V, with a typical value of 48V.
        Typical operating current is 10~600mA;
        typical output power: 30W;
        Class4 rating supported by electrical equipment
        CAT5 cable Maximum power required for Class0 devices is 0~12.95W The DC voltage ranges from 38 to 57V, with a typical value of 48V.
        Typical operating current is 10~350mA;
        typical output power: 15.4W;
        The overload detection current is 350~500mA.
        Provide 4 Class Power Requests for PD Devices ranging from 3.84 to 12.95W
        The maximum power required for Class1 devices is 0~3.84W
        The maximum power required for Class2 devices is 3.85W~6.49W
        The maximum power required for Class3 devices is 6.5W~12.95W

        7. PoE Product naming rules

        8. Typical applications

        This module is used in PSE network cable to convert electric energy to DC-DC to the required voltage of equipment without affecting data signal transmission. It conforms to ieee802.3at standard and is used by all equipment terminals

        9. Test waveform diagram

        Typical features:Vout=12

        Efficiency (Vout = 12 V) Output voltage (input 48V)
        Maximum temperature of components
        Conditions (ambient temperature: 27 ℃;
        Output power: 12V / 2A; frequency: 3H)
        Input voltage & output voltage

        Noise (VIN = 37V, IO = 2A, 5 ~ 20MHz bandwidth)

        Output response & load (12V / 0.01A)

        Noise (VIN = 48V, IO = 2A, 5 ~ 20MHz bandwidth)

        Output response & load (12V / 1A)

        Noise (VIN = 57V, IO = 2A, 5 ~ 20MHz bandwidth)

        Output response & load (12V / 2A)